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Brief of Factory License in India

In accordance with the provisions of the Factory Act, 1948, it is mandatory for all factory owners to register their premises with the local governing authority before the start of business. The Chief Inspector of Labor Commissioner Organization shall grant a factory license after registration of the factory. In this article, we shall examine in detail the procedure for obtaining the registration of the Uttar Pradesh factory.

The Regulated Body for The Factories Act, 1948

Having regard to the Factories Act, the registration and licensing procedure referred to in Section 6 is as follows:

The description of the factories or business plans of any class shall be submitted to the Chief Inspector or the Government of the State.

Replacement or expansion of any plant or machine within specified limits shall not be additionally charged for the extension of the plant if it involves a safe working area and environmental conditions.

Criteria for eligibility

The factories listed below are required to obtain a factory license under the following conditions.

The factory or establishment has ten or more workers employed in the use of power for manufacturing activities.

The factory or establishment is composed of twenty or more workers employed without the use of power for manufacturing activities.

Documents required for approval of the site plan

The documents required are to be provided for the approval of your site plan.

  1. Form 1 (Particular of Room in The Factory)
  2. Questionnaire for Form-1
  • Certificate for Stability
  1. NOC Fire
  3. Diagram of process flow
  • NOC Local Body/Local Authority
  • NOC The Explosive Department
  1. NOC Of Others
  2. Copy of Building Drawing
  3. NOC Electrical Safety
  • Proof of ownership of factory premises
  • Site notification
  • Article of the Memorandum
  1. Directors' List
  • Resolution on the declaration of occupier
  • Report on safety
  • Emergency Plan on-site
  • Policy on Health and Safety

Documents required to register

  • Photography of the establishment
  • Proof of identity
  • DIN card or PAN card
  • Treasury Challenge/Bank Name

Renewal Documents Required

  • Form – 4
  • Form-4B Form
  • Treasury or Challenge Online
Factory License

Factory License Registration Procedure

Section 6 of the Factories Act gave the government the authority to govern the rules relating to the licensing and registration of factories under the Act on the following matters:

Rules of Procedure for submission

The state government may lay down rules for the submission of plans or the representation of manufacturing plants. The association requires the prior consent of the State Government or the Chief Review Officer to develop or increase any industrial facility. In any case, the expansion or substitution of existing hardware does not increase unless the protected working space is reduced and, in addition, it is not hazardous to well-being and sound.

Process of inspection

The step-by-step process involved in the site inspection is specified below:

Establishment Identification

Establishments to be inspected will be identified using a randomized, computerized risk assessment

Joint Team Inspection

The inspection will be carried out by a joint inspection team.

The inspection team shall consist of a minimum of two inspectors and one of the respective authorities, Assistant Labor Commissioner, Labor Enforcement Officer, Assistant Director, Factory, on the basis of their availability.

Report on inspection

The inspection report will be uploaded/submitted to the departmental portal by the inspection team with a unique number.

The unique number will be managed by the units/establishments/factories to view and download the inspection report within 48 hours from their web portal account.

Notice of non-compliance

The department may give notice to the units/établissements/factories to correct the defects/deviations/non-compliance observed as part of the inspection.

The establishment shall make the necessary/appropriate compliance within 15 days and shall inform the Labor Department of the same within 15 days of the submission of the Compliance Report.

Licensing approval

In the event that an application is made for approval of the site for the development or expansion of the processing plant and the required plans and details, it shall be drawn up by registered post or through the portal to the Government of the State or the Chief Inspector and, in the event that no reply is received within one month from the date of use, it shall naturally be confirmed. If not approved within thirty days of the date of the application, the framework will naturally be rejected and, furthermore, an email or SMS will be sent to the registered candidate in such cases, the applicant should resubmit the application structure by modifying the errors or applying it face to face.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The owner of the factory needs a license from the factory.

yes. The factory license may be issued to a manufacturing plant employing 10 or more workers with power or 20 or more workers without power aid.

It's one year.

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