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A business plan consultation service is a type of service where professional help is taken from a third party to plan a business. The consulting agency helps the business to plan in a better way by various strategic analysis and advice.

Before starting any business, a proper business plan is very crucial. The goals and objectives of business depends a lot on the kind of business plan they have . In these cases, consultation services come in handy. Taking professional help in planning a business makes the whole process a lot easier. A business plan consulting service differs according to the kind of business. Irrespective of the type of business, a plan is required . Consulting services are provided for all types of business.

Kinds of Business plan consultation services



A MNC is an entity with production or control over production in various countries in addition to their home country. They require various strategies for achieving their goals and objectives. For a MNC, a business plan consultation service offers advice on the following areas:

  • Opportunities of expansion
  • Strategy refinement if required
  • Variation in existing services/ products provided by the MNC presently.
  • Any other advice as deemed fit by the agency.


A startup is very recently started or is about to embark on a business. They , especially , require good business plan consultation. The services provided by various agencies majorly focuses on:

  • Development of goals and objectives of a startup
  • Selection of the kind of entity to be incorporated
  • Budget and management advice
  • Information about compliances and regulations to be followed upon incorporation
  • Advice on any risk or mitigation involved .

Small and Medium Enterprises

A business plan consultancy mainly focus on following areas, in case of a small enterprise:

  • Ways to increase capital via fundings .
  • Compliance and regulatory advices
  • Any necessary changes in the objectives or current plan of action.
  • Advice on Crisis management

Role of Business Plan Consultation Service

A business consultant agency takes an overview of the company for which planning is to be done . Accordingly, they come up with a strategic plan . Majority of their responsibilities involves:

Strategic planning

One of the most important roles of a business plan consultant is to create a perfect strategic plan for the business according to the type of business and analyzing the goals and objectives of the company.

Planning specific activities

Another important job of the consulting agency is to focus on any area with special needs . According to needs and circumstances, agency comes up with a plan.

Analysis of the budget

Apart from strategic planning and advising, the budget of the company also comes under the purview of business planning . A business plan consultant may calculate the budget and give budget related advice to the company.


The role of a consultant is not limited to the planning and advising, but the agency looks after the implementation of such plan and advice correctly. They help the company from planning till implementation to avoid complications.

Benefits of Business Plan Consulting Services

Benefits of Business Plan Consulting Service

Time saving

Expert Advice

Budget friendly

Convenient and time saving

Taking help from professionals not only makes the whole process easier, but also saves a lot of time. The agency makes the business plan for the company and thus, any immediate advice regarding business can be availed easily.

Expert Opinion

Any business plan consulting agency hires professionals with adequate experience for the job so that they can provide properly analyzed advice to yield results. Outsourcing such services will give the company access to expert advice in developing a business plan.

Budget friendly

Sourcing out business planning services can be very inexpensive. Companies availing such services can limit the amount of money to be invested in preparation and implementation of a business plan.

Challenges faced in a business plan service

  • There can be a conflict of thoughts between the consulting agency and the company. This difference in viewpoints can make the job difficult.
  • There can be a problem in the implementation of the business plan due to various reasons.
  • Sometimes, the consulting agency is not up to date with the changing trend in the market, which can create technological gap.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, every form of business requires business planning and thus, such services can be outsourced for any form of business.

To achieve a company's goals and objectives, a well analysed business plan is required.

A business plan consultant has the following responsibilities:
  • Strategic advising
  • Developing a proper plan of action.
  • Help in implementing such a plan
  • Analyze any risks and provide possible solutions.
The business plan consultation service works in the following stages:
  • First stage is to collect primary information about the company.
  • After that, they do a budgetary analysis.
  • Draft a plan of action for the company.
  • Helps in implementing such a plan.
Both preparation and implementation of a business will depend on various external and internal factors and the duration of time is decided accordingly.

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